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AEGRadio Network is a 24/7, online Inspirational and Entertainment News Radio Station promoting new and diverse sounds in Kingdom music!  We highlight both indie and mainstream artists in Contemporary & Traditional Gospel, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Alternative!  

In addition to radio, we function as an entertainment website where our goal is to inform, promote and inspire while covering music, faith, culture and more!

The best part of our programming is that we are a Royalty Based station.  Which means that all artists connected to a “Performing Rights Organization” (such as ASCAP, BMI, etc) can get paid for being played on our station!

Our goal is to be the “amplifier” for the voice of the Christian millennial and to present a new sound in Christian music that is for a NOW generation!

Here you can keep up with what’s new in Christian entertainment, discover the cultural issues that are important, and also engage in dialogue. There is a strong need for quality inspirational content in our world today.  We are here to meet that need!

Stay connected for industry news, music reviews, new releases, nation-wide events, event highlights, exclusive interviews and so much more!

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